We meet again in 6 months, in Japan! / また日本で!

-From Midori We have now left Nepal. It was a very interesting and inspiring trip, which we will have to take some time to register. From a village in Ghorka to the bustling of Kathmandu, Nepal gave me many diverse memories. In 6 months’ time, the musicians will gather again in Japan, and by that … Continue reading We meet again in 6 months, in Japan! / また日本で!


After the ICEP tour / ツアーを終えて

-From Benedikt I wrote on the first day - I’m writing now, on the last day of ICEP 2016, on my flight back to Germany. That calls for a review. Before the trip, I was contemplating the possibility of music as a universal language of the human condition. During the last 11 days, we could … Continue reading After the ICEP tour / ツアーを終えて

Again in Kathmandu / 再びカトマンズにて

-From Jeremías We started off the day by going to the temple known as the "monkey temple". After a long walk up the stairs we got to the top which was absolutely beautiful. We could have a 360 degree view of Kathmandu and there was a stupa and a  lot of really interesting things to … Continue reading Again in Kathmandu / 再びカトマンズにて

Christmas in Nepal / ネパールで迎えたクリスマス

  -From Michael Spending the Holiday season at a foreign country can always be a unique experience. Three years ago on my first ICEP trip I had the unforgettable experience of celebrating Christmas with Christian refugees in Myitkyina, Myanmar and this Christmas in Nepal was equally special. Late on Christmas Eve we arrived in Lumbini … Continue reading Christmas in Nepal / ネパールで迎えたクリスマス

Activities in Bharatpur / バラトプルでの活動

https://youtu.be/WAGR5mkOS4s   -From Jeremías Barahptur was just awesome. In the morning we went to a boat ride through a river on the Chitwan National Park where we saw a few crocodiles, lots of elephants and lots of different kinds of birds. I have never done anything like it before and I loved the quietness of … Continue reading Activities in Bharatpur / バラトプルでの活動

In Gorkha / ゴルカにて

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66zjEaHUuq4 DCA (www.danchurchaid.org) ECO Nepal (www.econepal.org)   -From Michael Early this morning we set off on an adventure from the city of Gorkha to the remote mountain village of Furkedanda. We first met with the local team of DCA (Dan Church Aid) who are doing wonderful work providing clean water, livelihood support, education and more … Continue reading In Gorkha / ゴルカにて