Chiba-Day 13 (Last day) / 千葉にて-13日目(最終日)

-From Wenhong, Viola Today was last of the ICEP trip, and from 7am in the morning I already started to feel sad to say goodbye. We visited one last school and a hospital before catching the plane, which was as fulfilled as always - the students were super excited to see us and we all … Continue reading Chiba-Day 13 (Last day) / 千葉にて-13日目(最終日)


Osaka-Day 10 / 大阪にて- 10日目

-From Jeremias Sergiani-Velázquez, violin Hello everyone! After last night's concert and a good night sleep we were ready to go to a school in the morning but... rain. Unfortunately, classes were cancelled at the school we were supposed to go so we had the morning off which is very unusual. Since it was raining I … Continue reading Osaka-Day 10 / 大阪にて- 10日目

Yonezawa-Day 4 / 米沢にて-4日目

-From Wenhong, Viola We made a day trip to Yonezawa today with 3 visits at the schools and hospital. I was so glad that the students and patients were all cheered up by our music! One of the most memorable part was that the patients played the Midori song for us by using bells holding … Continue reading Yonezawa-Day 4 / 米沢にて-4日目

Rehearsal in Tokyo-Day 1 / 東京でのリハーサル -1日目

-From Jeremias Sergiani-Velázquez, violin Hello everyone! Monday was a very productive day. We were rehearsing for the most part. I love going to the Zojoji, it's such a wonderful place and it's great to get to practice and rehearse there. I also went briefly to the Tokyo tower which is really beautiful at night. I'm … Continue reading Rehearsal in Tokyo-Day 1 / 東京でのリハーサル -1日目

Just Arrived at Tokyo! / 東京に到着!

-From Jeremias Sergiani-Velázquez, violin Hello everyone! I am really excited about this trip to Japan and to play music again with Midori, Wenhong and Michael! Michael and I just landed from New York from a 13-hour long flight, where I watched three and a half movies including both Avengers movies back to back. My only … Continue reading Just Arrived at Tokyo! / 東京に到着!

Again in Kathmandu / 再びカトマンズにて

-From Jeremías We started off the day by going to the temple known as the "monkey temple". After a long walk up the stairs we got to the top which was absolutely beautiful. We could have a 360 degree view of Kathmandu and there was a stupa and a  lot of really interesting things to … Continue reading Again in Kathmandu / 再びカトマンズにて

Activities in Bharatpur / バラトプルでの活動   -From Jeremías Barahptur was just awesome. In the morning we went to a boat ride through a river on the Chitwan National Park where we saw a few crocodiles, lots of elephants and lots of different kinds of birds. I have never done anything like it before and I loved the quietness of … Continue reading Activities in Bharatpur / バラトプルでの活動