The Christmas Miracle – by Elina / クリスマスの奇跡 – エリーナ

The Christmas Miracle
Blog entry by Elina

Travelling and touring are always full of adventures. Funny things and situations occur almost all the time and it definitely keeps up the spirits!

But when things get lost, it’s not funny. Having participated in ICEP India and Japan in 2017 and 2018, I still can recall the chills that run when someone suddenly asks “oh, have you seen my bag?”

One assumes that there is a huge difference between India, Cambodia and Japan. In Japan, one really feels safe and assured that any left item in a cafe or a train, will be found and returned. Our expectations in countries like India or Cambodia are, of course, the total opposite, which proved to be completely wrong.

Yesterday, I forgot two (!) music stands in a local tuk tuk in Battambang on our way to KnK. When I discovered this huge problem, my first thought was…”we ARE in Trouble”. And my colleagues were already quickly making alternate plans, which included buying new stands upon our return to Phnom Penh in the evening, and who will take the responsibility for the cost of it (me). “Probably we will never see those well-travelled ICEP stands ever again”, I thought to myself…but some inner voice told me that I should try calling the cab company to locate the driver.

After KnK, we returned to our ho(s)tel, and I was surprised how quickly everything followed. The hotel staff was very helpful and called the cab company’s head office first in Phnom Penh, followed by a call to its Battambang office. And within an hour the smiling driver (or so he appeared to me) was at the the hotel with our music stands. I really find it quite miraculous! Battambang is the second largest city in Cambodia and how many people and tuk tuks are in this urban center! So three lessons learned: 1) never give up no matter how unrealistic it seems at first; 2) don’t let presuppositions rule; 3) believe that miracles do exist 🙂








でもKnKでのコンサートを終えた後、ホテル(ホステル)に戻り、手配を進めだすと驚くほどトントン拍子で片付いていったのです。ホテルのスタッフはとても親切に、まずはそのタクシー会社のプノンペン本社に、それからバッタンバン支社に電話をかけてくれました。そして1時間もしないうちに笑顔の運転手(私にはそう見えました)が譜面台2台を持ってホテルに現れたのです。これは本当に奇跡です! バッタンバンはカンボジアで2番目の大都市で、その中心部をどれほど多くの人やトゥクトゥクが行き来していることか! このことから学んだ3つの教訓:1)最初はどれほど非現実的に思えても決して諦めないこと。2)思い込みに囚われないこと。3)奇跡は存在すると信じること 🙂