Recap of the Last Few Days – by Midori / ここ数日を振り返って – 五嶋みどり

Recap of the Last Few Days
Blog entry by Midori

We are on the 4th day of activities in Cambodia. These days have been ones of contrasting settings. Being near a fashionable Royal Palace neighborhood of Phnom Penh then on a road by the dump site; sitting on the idyllic river bank of Mekong to a chilling confrontation with savage violence at the Genocide Museum.

We have been stationed in Phnom Penh until today, and have now left the capital city for a few days. Through partnerships and visits with Wat Opot, Japan Heart Medical Center, CCF, CHOICE Cambodia, Liger Academy, AAR Japan,. and New Hope for Cambodian Children, there have been wonderful experiences thus far. Children seem radiant, much more confident and poised than those I remember meeting the last time I was here, about 12 years ago. Of course, that was Cambodia back then, and now it is 2019. Traffic in Phnom Penh seems to be exploding and the internet is readily available more than what I would normally like to have.

Tonight, after the end of our official activities, we will eat dinner with the children at New Hope, and will spend the rest of our evening rehearsing for the second week of our ICEP tour, as we will be moving on to Siem Reap and Battanbang regions from tomorrow.


Wat Opot: children’s community. They welcome kids who are HIV positive.

Japan Heart: Medical Facility with pediatric oncology department

CCF Granny Program: supports the elderly in the Steung Meanchey area.

CCF Rice Academy : schooling for children in the Steung Meanchey area; providing free meals for children in the area

CHOICE Cambodia: elementary education in Prey Dong and also provided clean water to the community (the sewage contains arsenic)

Liger Academy: provides competitive highschool education for children from rural areas

AAR Japan: support people with disabilities, wheelchair production and distribution. Promotes integrated classrooms.

New Hope for Cambodian Children: children’s community exclusively for those who are HIV- positive. Support for these children through higher education.


Wat Opot.jpg

at Wat Opot / ワット・オポットにて













AAR Japan(難民を助ける会):障がい者支援、車いすの生産・配付、インクルーシブ教育の推進を行う。