Engaging With Very Young Minds – by Tanja / 幼い子どもたちとの交流 – ターニャ

Engaging With Very Young Minds
Blog entry by Tanja
It is now the 5th day of our Japan ICEP tour, and we have seen and experienced so much already! The most touching thing for me so far has been our time in the schools in Obama. The town itself is a beautiful, quaint and cultured place, and of course, one has to admit its seemingly familiar name to us all!

As a performer, it is natural to want to feel as though your art is making a difference, and to want to connect profoundly to those you’re sharing it with. Sometimes I feel satisfied with the strength of communication and sometimes I don’t. But this was one of those times where the reaction and appreciation was just so abundantly clear, we all had no choice but to notice and smile right back. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

The kids that we played to in both schools were incredibly receptive and curious; they listened intently to our presentations and followed up with insightful, interesting questions, even at a very young age.

The best part for me was being able to visit a classroom alone to play and introduce the violin. I have little to no experience with very young kids, so naturally, the responsibility to face a bunch of second-graders by myself felt a little daunting and nerve-racking. But the experience turned out to be quite frankly the opposite. I’ve found the most obvious and predictable impression of school visits to be that the kids are extremely cute; and though they are very cute, this wasn’t the most rewarding thing. To witness young, vibrant, engaged minds right at the beginning of their journey of life was such an honour. I very much look forward to the rest of our time here in Japan, and will no doubt, have a lasting memory of this adventure.






まだICEP日本5日目ですが、もうすでにいろいろな経験をしています! 今までで一番感動したのは小浜市の学校で過ごした時間です。小浜市は美しくて風情のある文化の町で、そして何より、どこかで聞いたことのあるような名前をしていますね!