What’s in My Suitcase, and Why Two? / スーツケースの中身は? どうして2個?-五嶋みどり

What’s in My Suitcase, and Why Two?

Blog entry from Midori


I usually travel very light. What I need during a concert tour is very limited beyond my concert dress and the violin. A single suitcase that I can check-in is all I bring. However, for ICEP, things are a bit different, of course, because the nature of the trip is not the same from when I am just camping out at a dressing room by the day and commuting to a hotel at night. I have to bring an extra suitcase so that I am always prepared to be in an area where I might not be able to run to a convenience store to pick up stuff. Here is my unusual packing list:


Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates! (These aren’t for me but serve as small gifts; my raw sugar intake is extremely low)

Yoga mat—this is for the cellist. Usual endpin holders or the belt may not work. The yoga mat works well as a form of small carpet. I don’t/can’t do yoga.

Cello case—this is a soft cover case when we are going to areas with vehicles that won’t be able to take a larger, hard case.

5 music stands—the 5th is for when one breaks.

Blouses and shirts with the MUSIC SHARING logo for the touring party. This year’s shirts were provided by a Bulgarian company, Hermes Gifts, with the logo embroidered. During our presentations, we always wear these blouses and shirts.

Donation of clothes and such, collected from friends, to bring to some of the institutions we are visiting.

3 rolls of toilet paper, just in case.

Second copies of sheet music for all repertoire for everyone. (We’ve always at least once or twice per tour appreciated this. We are so careful but nonetheless, some body always loses a page or two along the way.)


When I return, some of these items would have been passed on and distributed, so I will come back much lighter!




スーツケースの中身は? どうして2個?