First Presentation in Ho Chi Minh City / ホーチミンで最初の演奏-五嶋みどり

First Presentation in Ho Chi Minh City

By Midori

After an uneventful flight of less than two hour from Hanoi, we are now in Ho Chi Minh City. After many eventful days in the Hanoi area, we are all mesmerized by the vibrant energy in the former city of Saigon. The size is much bigger than Hanoi and the climate is much more tropical. This is a place of skyscrapers, fashionable brand shops, and upscale eating establishments. The streets are still decorated with Christmas lights, shining stars, etc.

Our first visit in Ho Chi Minh was a care center for children with disabilities, run by the Catholic Church, and headed by a religious sister. The children seemed happy, clean, and well taken care of, and they smiled and often rocked with the music.