Final Entry from Midori for ICEP Japan 2018

ICEP on the move

Final Entry from Midori for ICEP Japan 2018

Now that the ICEP Japan 2018 has ended, the musicians have returned home. I am in between Tokyo and on my way to Lviv, Ukraine.

The tour this year started in Fukuoka where it rained most of the time and ended up the Lobby (Collaboration) Concert in Tokyo last weekend. The two weeks went by extremely quickly.

For the musicians, it was a time of reflection, giving, and receiving. Our visits to the various institutions were inspiring and also provoked some thoughts. There were critical comments and observations we had that were also discussed amongst us. We were privileged to meet many people who truly appreciated and responded to music and also those who may not otherwise ever be touched by the beauty and the humanness of music. There were those who heard the music through sounds, vibrations, touch.

Music has opened doors for the musicians, and we hope to continue to move through these doors, into the new worlds, where we can explore and find open avenues that lead to more doors.

In December, ICEP, with a new group of musicians, will visit Vietnam, followed by the two weeks in June 2019 in Japan.

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