Racing Against the Clock–from Benjain / 時計の針に追われて (ベンジャミン)

Racing Against the Clock

Entry by Benjamin from 13 June

We are back at a school this morning.

This morning, I have 3 classes of second graders to visit, 20 minutes each.
When I arrive in front of the children, I never have to force my smile. They are yearning for discoveries, new experiences, and their warmth and happiness are contagious. There is just time for the most brief presentation possible (“my name is Benjamin, I come from France, and I don’t play the violin, but a wonderful instrument called the viola”), and I find myself already playing a Bach or a Reger movement. As soon as I am finished, the children start asking questions; their favorite one is when I started to play the viola, or perhaps why I love music. Then I already receive a sign from a staff that it’s time to go on to the next room, but I ask the kids anyway if they would like to listen another piece. Of course, they do.

It is impossible to express everything I want to communicate in 7 minutes. Even in the time of a normal presentation -45 minutes as a quartet- it is very challenging. We see the individuality of each child as we go to him or her, each shows an eagerness to look at and feel the instrument, or to grab the bow and make (squeaky) sounds. The children are fascinated when I play for them even just a few bars kneeling so close that they could touch me, and they always smile when feeling the instrument’s vibrations through its scroll. I want to take one more minute to share with them…

We are already late for the next presentation.



ベンジャミン・ベック 6月13日