Back in Tokyo and Keeping My Heart Open–by Elina / 帰京、そして心を開くということについて (エリーナより)

We are now back in Tokyo–the last two days of ICEP Japan 2018…

June 15:

Aiko Jyoshi Gakuen (female juvenile correctional facility)

ICEP Reporting Concert @Yahama Hall


Keeping My Heart Open
Blog post by Elina

I always thought that string quartet and all the repertoire written for it has certain magic. There is something so unique about the feeling of 4 instruments melting into one with all the harmonies building endless bridges and constructing totally unique universe of colors and images.

It somehow enters the weakest and most fragile spots of my soul and I always feel extremely vulnerable. Not only while performing but also during the work process. We had very intense rehearsals in order to prepare this program–Janacek Kreutzer Sonata, Haydn Emperor Quartet and Mendelssohn op.13. Four personalities gathering together, trying to unravel secrets and thoughts of these geniuses and their masterworks.

For sure, it’s the time that what we have invested in order to shape this program would finally give us the freedom and joy to sincerely feel this music deeply. It’s also the beauty of compromise we made towards each other, that opened another doors to more profound understanding of these monumental works.

We all have our stories that we always carry within us wherever we go.

And this morning, we played for young girls at Aiko Jyoshi Gakuen, a correctional facility for girls. In their eyes and body language, I could feel the heavy burden of their paths and past. Room was filled with energetic field of pain , struggle and loss. But there is always hope. And there is always love and compassion. I want to keep my heart open and never to forget to give as much as I can.


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