Yonezawa Hospital, by Elina / 米沢病院へ (エリーナ)

A Visit to Yonezawa Hospital–a blog entry from Elina

Last night we arrived in Yonezawa where the sweet , melancholic smell of pine trees pleasantly surprised us. After long day of visits, performances and rehearsals we really needed some quiet time and good food. The famous Yonezawa beef was exquisitely delicious and the delicate texture of the meat was beyond words.

The next day after a good night sleep our journey continued with many emotional moments and yet again, new discoveries… The last location of the day was Yonezawa Hospital, where we performed a concert for people with disabilities. I was so happy to see how grateful they were to hear music and I could really feel how deeply it touched them.

For me it was the most precious moment so far.

Elina Solo at the Yonezawa Hospital/米沢病院でのエリーナのソロ
—and the music continues for the individual patients…/それぞれの病室でも演奏を行います…












2018/6/8 米沢病院へ(エリーナ)


ぐっすり寝た翌日も、私たちの旅にはたくさんの感動的な瞬間と新しい発見がありました… この日の最後の訪問先は米沢病院で、ここでは障がいを持つ方々に向けてコンサートを行いました。音楽が聴けることに皆さんがどれほど感謝してくれているかを知って本当に嬉しく思いましたし、また、音楽が皆さんの心にどれほど深く触れたかをしっかりと感じることができました。