Fukuoka, by Stanislas / 福岡 (スタニスラス)

Blog Entry by Stanislas Kim, 7 June 2018


After a wonderful (and studious) stay at the Wassermeyers’, we have just begun our Japanese adventure!

First day, first obstacle: jetlag. Trying to stay awake on the long-haul plane ride, then exploring the streets of Fukuoka in the evening upon arrival did not prevent me from waking up every two hours during the night… Luckily enough there are so many new things that draw my attention, so no point there is time to feel tired – this journey being my very first time in Japan, I have to get used to the cultural differences: from the social behavior (it is very pleasant to see good manners are not out of fashion yet!) to the food (delicious although a part of me still expects croissants and coffee for breakfast, I have to admit).

After visiting two elementary schools, then Fukuoka Children’s Hospital and the Kyushu University Hospital, where we experienced very disciplined and attentive audiences, genuine interest and thoughtful questions, now we are on our way to Yokohama!