We Are on Our Way to Japan!!! — from Midori / いよいよ日本へ出発!!! (五嶋みどり)

3  June — from Midori

We have been in Cologne, being lovingly hosted by the Wassermayers, since earlier in the week. Rehearsals occupied our days from mornings to evenings, and just a few hours to departure, we were able to play some of our repertoire for them and their guests at their home. It is truly an invaluable experience for us musicians to be able to have had this concentrated time to work on our music, to re-acquaint ourselves with each other, and to prepare for our upcoming trip to Japan. The Wassermayers parented us musicians, preparing every meal from scratch, every single meal and snacks… Besides the hard work, we have all also experienced very healthy eating, thanks to them. The love and care they have imbued on us, we now take with us to Japan, to those to whom we will bring to share the music!

After the home concert, it was time to have a quick lunch with the guests (all home-made, of course, by Mr. and Mrs. Wassermayer. I can only receive credit for having transferred the chicken from the baking dish to the serving plate) then to pack! Our flight to Japan is an overnight flight, and hopefully we will be able to rest some while in the air.

In the next two weeks, we have visits to schools and institutions (of various age ranges and circumstances), and we will be very busy. For me, I am particularly looking forward to seeing and hearing the students in the Instrumental Instruction for the Disabled Program, and we will have two public performances with them, one in Osaka on June 13, and another in Tokyo on June 16.

Time to go; the flight is now boarding!

Best, Midori

2018/6/3 — 五嶋みどりより


ホームコンサートの後は、ゲストと一緒に軽い昼食(勿論ヴァッサーマイヤーご 夫妻のホームメードで、私はチキンを耐熱皿から器に盛り付けただけ)をとり 、パッキング! 日本へのフライトは機中泊。機上でしばらく休めるとよいのですが。


もう急がなくては! 私たちの便は今、搭乗中です!