Destiny and Dichotomy –from Elina / 運命と2つの対照的な世界 –エリーナより


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27 December – From Elina

Time is a mysterious phenomenon. We all know it passes quickly like a breeze of a wind. But there are moments that shake you, reaching your very core. And here time plays another role – it transforms them into souvenirs of memories that will only grow stronger while accompanying you throughout your life.

Today we performed for children who are HIV positive. It’s hard to imagine how it is to live with such destiny, simply not knowing if there is much time left for you.

Some of those children were very young…

Their reaction towards music was extremely powerful, I felt the energy they were giving us back from the audience. Music is somehow always there, when there are no words to express your empathy and compassion towards other people’s heavy challenges.

The evening part of our day was very contrasting , like everything in this country – India. We were performing at the Japanese Consul’s Residence for a very small group of listeners, mainly consisting of the hosts from the Japanese Consulate in Kolkata and few Indian classical musicians who also performed for us.

No one knew how touched we would be afterwards, from listening to Indian classical instrument Sarod played by Dwiptanil Bhattacharjee ( The sound of this mysterious instrument made us travel back in time and wonder about the differences between our musical worlds.

During a very friendly dinner, conversations unfolded, one after the other. We had a very intellectually charged discussions and also many questions to Dwiptanil about his life and Indian classical music world. Certainly, there is a lot to assume and think about, but I think we all got a good dose of inspiration tonight!!

ICEP Quartet with Dwiptanil Bhattacharjee  / ICEPカルテットとDwiptanil Bhattacharjee


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2017/12/27 – エリーナより






Dwiptanil Bhattacharjee ( さんが演奏するインドの古典楽器、サロッドの響きに想像以上に感動しました。この神秘的な楽器の音色は、私たちを古代へいざない、また、西洋音楽の世界との違いに驚嘆させられました。