What Makes India Special? –from Jendrik / 何がインドを特別にしている?–イェンドリックより


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Durgapur Leprosy Colony, West Bengal (with an introduction from NPO Wappiness: http://en.wappiness.org/)

25 December – from Jendrik

What Makes India Special?
If we ask this question ourselves, probably everybody would answer with the following lines first:

  • The very special and completely different flavours of the Indian food we eat three times a day.
  • Getting in touch with the centuries-old culture, the different religions, the fascinating people and their special destiny.

But how do the behaviour and the way of living of the Indian affects us, our tour and mission?

What makes this adventure even more interesting is the fact, that you never know what happens next.

– How and when will we make it through the traffic of Delhi?
– What will you get when you order something in the Restaurant?
– Will the driver be still at the same parking spot after the performance?
– Will the bank accept my credit card tomorrow? (didn’t today)
– Will the airline accept the Cello in the cabin without any problems?

People are very flexible with their schedules and appointments are never in time. (Appointments seem to be something very flexible)

But somehow everything works in the end (in the Indian way).

Today we left the Hotel in Delhi at 5 am and started our journey to Kolkata with a two-hour flight delay. We are excited to see what is going to work or has to be fixed spontaneously in West Bengal and Kolkata the next days.

A Coordinator has many duties, like being a stage hand… / コーディネーターはやることがいっぱいです。裏方仕事や…
a prompter for the translator, a page holder for when the musicians’ pages start to be blown by winds… / 通訳のプロンプターや、風が吹きだしたら演奏者の楽譜を押さえつつ…
as well as the actual organizing and coordinating. (on the phone most of the time, trying to stay cool) / 実際の企画やコーディネートもやっています。(ほぼいつも電話で、冷静であろうと頑張っています)

西ベンガル州 Durgapur Leprosy Colony(NPO Wappiness のご紹介:http://en.wappiness.org/)
(日本語のHPはこちらです→ NPO法人わぴねす https://wappiness.org/

2017/12/25 – イェンドリックより


*  一日三回食べるインド料理の、特別に個性的な香辛料
*  数千年の歴史あるインド文明、さまざまな宗教、魅力的な人々と彼らの特別な運命の出会い


–  どのようにすれば、そしていつになったらデリーの渋滞を通り抜けられるのか?
–  レストランで何かを注文したら、何が運ばれてくるのか?
–  演奏終了後、駐車場の元の場所に戻っても運転手がそこに待機しているのか?
–  明日、銀行は私のクレジットカードを受け付けてくれるだろうか?(今日はダメでした)
–  航空会社は問題なく機内にチェロを持ち込ませてくれるのか?