Delhi Cont’d… –from Midori / 引き続きデリー –五嶋みどりより

On our way to Katha Lab School / Katha Lab 学校への道中

Sites visited on 22 December
Katha Lab School:
Vidya School:

22 December – from Midori

Tomorrow, we will be leaving Delhi. We are now all adjusted to the time zone and feeling fairly comfortable with early departures from the hotel.

Our first presentation today was semi-open air. A bit chilly in Delhi in the mornings but we survive and don’t even think about the temperature once we are surrounded by the children.

Second school presentations were followed by lunch with the teachers from Music Basti where we enjoyed the Southern Indian food with dosas (similar to a pancake but made with gluten-free ingredients!), thalis (like a set lunch with many small dishes), rasam (soup), etc. It was absolutely delicious. We have adjusted to the time differences, but we are also getting on great with the spices here.

I am noticing that finding a place and getting to the exact address is not always so simple in Delhi. Googlemaps does not really work regardless of internet availability and we have to always ask people once we are in the general area. People are helpful and point us in the general direction with a wave of hands, and once we go towards this general direction for a while, we then have to ask again, when we are shown, with yet another wave of hands, the general direction, which we hope is a bit more specific than the time before. This process seems to take 3 or 4 tries, and we finally reach our destination. The direction we get is, almost always, “over there” and once we have a sense that we are “there” then we have to ask again for our next “there”.  But amazingly we always have reached where we have to get to, generally on time, according to the more relaxed time concept.

1033029At the Katha Lab School
At the Katha Lab School / Katha Lab 学校にて
1033190with the teachers and staff of Music Basti
With the teachers and staff of Music Basti /  Music Bastiの先生、スタッフと
Katha Lab 学校:
Vidya 学校:
2017/12/22 – 五嶋みどりより



学校訪問ではMusic Bastiの先生たちとお昼をご一緒させていただきました。南インドの料理、ドサ(パンケーキに似ているのですがグルテンフリー素材なのでありがたいです)、ターリー(小皿の乗ったランチ定食のようなもの)、ラサム(スープ)などで、とても美味しかったです。時差程ではないですが、だんだんとインドのスパイスにも慣れてきました。