O Ri Chiraiya –from Midori / O Ri Chiraiya –五嶋みどりより

Posing for the Camera / カメラの前でポーズ

Sites visited on 21 December
SDMC Pratibha Vidyalay Primary School (a Music Basti school): http://www.musicbasti.org/
Peepul School (a Music Basti and an ARK school): http://arkonline.org/India-schools
Venu Eye Institute & Research Centre: http://www.venueyeinstitute.org/

21 December – from Midori

We are on Day 3 in Delhi and are having extraordinary experiences that stimulate us from all directions. The sights, the sounds, the scents…it is an endless array of encounters that are truly memorable in so many different ways.

At the Pratibha Vidyalay Primary School, the children sang for us at the end of the program. They were incredibly adorable and in extreme contrast to the content of the subject matter. Their presentation was O Ri Chiraiya, the ending song from the inaugural episode of a TV show, Satyamev Jayate. The song is a call to a bird, which is a metaphorical representation of a lost girl. What an incredible way to introduce an important issue to children and breaking the taboo. I was moved by the performance and was later able to find the entire episode, which is on female feticide, on the internet:


I am grateful to have had another day of learning. Thank you!


SDMC Pratibha Vidyalay 小学校 (Music Basti): http://www.musicbasti.org/
Peepul 学校 (Music Basti と ARK 学校): http://arkonline.org/India-schools
Venu 視覚研究センター: http://www.venueyeinstitute.org/

2017/12/21 – 五嶋みどりより

デリー3日目。 刺激に満ち溢れた毎日を送っています。見るもの、音、におい、、、どれひとつとして同じではない、本当に忘れられない出会いの連続です。

訪問先の Pratibha Vidyalay 小学校では、プログラムの最後に子どもたちが”O Ri Chiraiya”という歌を披露してくれました。それは”Satyamev Jayate”というテレビ番組の初回エピソードの終わりに流れた歌で、歌ってくれた子どもたちのかわいらしさとは対照的な内容です。命を奪われた女の子を比喩した鳥に呼びかける歌で、タブーを破って、子どもたちに重要な問題を伝えるのにすばらしい方法だと思います。私はそのパフォーマンスに心を動かされ、後でその強制女児堕胎という問題を取り扱った番組がインターネットで見られることを知りました。