On the Eve of Departure –from Midori / 出発前夜 –五嶋みどり

17 December 2017 – from MIdori

There is always so much to do before an ICEP!

The musician have been rehearsing and getting to know each other in Cologne. In between intense learning and working sessions, our host-family Mr. and Mrs. Wassermeyer have been stuffing us with the most exquisite home-made cooking!

A few errands to still do in the morning; the laundry machine is working; last-minute communication with various contacts, friends, and family; and the final packing. It sounds much simpler written down, but in real life, it’s quite bustling.

Every member of this year’s touring party, except for me, is a first-time ICEP-er. Elina, Benjamin, Stanislas, and I (the Musicians) are leaving from Cologne, and Jendrik (Coordinator) and Paul (Videographer) are departing from Munich. We will all meet at the airport gate in Istanbul to board the flight to Delhi. We almost immediately start with our visits upon arrival. I am very excited about what awaits us for the next 11 days!


2017/12/17 – 五嶋みどりより




今回、私以外のメンバーは全員、初めてICEPに参加します。 エリーナ、ベンジャミン、スタニスラスと私の演奏家組はケルンから、ヘンドリック(コーディネーター)とパウル(ビデオグラファー)はミュンヘンから出発し、イスタンブール空港のデリー行きの出発ゲートで落ち合うことになっています。現地到着後すぐにプログラムを開始する予定です。これからの11日間に何が待ち受けているか、今から楽しみです!