Osaka-Day 10 / 大阪にて- 10日目

-From Jeremias Sergiani-Velázquez, violin

Hello everyone!

After last night’s concert and a good night sleep we were ready to go to a school in the morning but… rain. Unfortunately, classes were cancelled at the school we were supposed to go so we had the morning off which is very unusual. Since it was raining I couldn’t go explore much, but I went to a shopping mall and explored it a little bit. I saw a huge wave of people coming in a store that was just opening, so I followed them. Once inside I realized that it was a women’s store. I left the mall and went walking in the underground level of the city which was really .

At noon, we went to a general hospital and played three short performances. Our audience was mostly kids and they were really sweet and quite engaged with our performance. Many of these children are going through very difficult times; I hope that our music gave them some light and helped them feel better.

Then, we went to the lobby of the Pias Tower where we played alongside children from a special needs school. This was a very different experience since we have been, almost exclusively playing FOR people and not WITH them. It was very endearing and to see them put their heart into doing something that we love. I was also impressed by how supportive all their teachers and coaches were with them, helping them out in everything that they could. I loved their dedication and passion.

Now finally at the hotel in Tokyo, our last hotel of the tour!

I am really lookiing forward to our concert tomorrow!



昨夜のコンサートの後は良く眠り、翌朝は午前中の学校訪問の準備をしていました… しかし、雨。残念ながら、予定の学校訪問は中止となったので、珍しく午前中オフとなりました。雨のために外を 探検することもできず、地下のショッピングモールに行ってみました。すると、大きな人波が開店したばかりの店に入って行くので、一緒に入ってみたところ、なんと女性用品の店でした。お店を出て、歩き回りましたが、地下街は本当にすごかった


その後、特別支援学校の子どもたちと一緒に演奏するピアスタワーのロビーに行きました。これまでは「一緒に演奏する」のではなく、「みなさんのために演奏する」という形だったので、今回は異なる経験となりました。彼ら が心を込めて演奏するのを見て、愛おしく、感動しました。また、先生方や指導者のみなさんの、生徒へのできる限りのサポートは印象的で、献身的な情熱を感じました。

そして今、このツアー最後の滞在先となる東京のホテルに着きまし た!


-From Chad Cannon, ICEP Coodinator

Today was a very rainy day in Osaka. We awoke to flood warnings from the government, and decided to cancel our first school visit. This is the first time in my four years of ICEP that we had to cancel a visit!

By around 11am the weather conditions looked fine, so we decided to continue our program as usual with a visit to the Osaka City General Hospital. We performed in three locations in the hospital. Every time I visit these hospitals with Music Sharing, I try to imagine myself as a patient there, perhaps having to spend weeks there after some major surgery or something. I try to imagine what it would feel like to hear a world-class performance of Dvorak or Mozart right next to my bed or wheelchair. I hope someday when I’m older, or if I ever have a major health crisis, somebody will be kind enough to come share music with me! I think live music of this kind actually has a healing quality.

In the afternoon I was relieved when we decided not to cancel the Pias Tower Lobby Concert with the special needs orchestra and choir students. They had worked so hard to prepare for our performance together, so it would have been a real shame to cancel. They were marvelous! They filled the lobby with the sounds of Offenbach and Hisaishi, and the crowds that had gathered seemed thrilled. I admired the way the staff and teachers of the special needs students worked so hard and patiently to keep each student safe (there were a lot of stairs, so would’ve been easy for a blind student to fall, for example) and engaged in the performance. I have learned so much about the power of music by watching these ICEP concerts with special needs kids. I hope to take these ideas and apply them in my own music career as I grow older and more experienced.


今日の大阪はとてもひどい大雨で、今朝、僕たちは気象庁の洪水警報を聞き、今日の最初の学校訪問を取りやめることにしました。僕が参加した4年間のICEP活動で、訪問をキャンセルするのは 初めてのことでした!


午後、障がいのある生徒たちのオーケストラとコーラスと一緒に演 奏するピアスタワーでのロビーコンサートが、中止にならなくて良かったとホッとしました。生徒たちは、僕たちと一緒に演奏するため、とてもよく練習してきてくれでのいたので、中止になってしま ったら残念でしたから。彼らの演奏は素晴らしかった!音楽はロビーに響き渡り、彼らのオ ッフェンバックと久石譲の曲に観客は感激していました。スタッフや先生の方々が生徒たちの安全を確保し(例えば段差で視覚障がいの生徒が転ばないようにして、)彼らが演奏に集中できるよう熱心に忍耐強く取り組んでくれたことを賞賛したいです。ICEPのコンサートで支援の必要な子どもた ちを見るたび、いつも音楽の力を思い知らされます。この体験から学び得たものを、自分の音楽のキャリアにもぜひ将来的に生かしていきたいと思っています。



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