Fukui, Osaka-Day 8 / 福井、大阪にて- 8日目

-from Chad Cannon, ICEP Coordinator
Today I woke up at around 6am with jet lag and decided to use an hour to go jogging in the beautiful village of Echizen, formerly known as Takefu. There are many streets, temples, and shrines from the Edo Period, and even back to the Muromachi Period. I always love to experience Japan’s spiritual side, especially in historic sites such as these. Some locals explained that this part of Japan was not bombed during World War II, so many of the original buildings still survive.

Our first visit today was to a very nice elementary school in Fukui, where the children performed violin and some percussion for us. The kids (and the staff) in Fukui speak English very well, which was fun for Wenhong, Michael, and Jeremias. We all ate school lunch together with some fifth and sixth graders, who taught us about saying “itadakimasu” and “gochisosama deshita” at mealtimes.

Then we drove through the nature-filled countryside of Fukui to a special support school that is a really beautiful facility nestled against the mountains. The staff told us there are monkeys that appear from time to time from the forest! The students here were so kind, guiding us from the genkan (front door) to the hikaeshitsu (green room) perfectly.

Our last performance today was all the way over in Osaka at a “Big I”, which is an arts and cultural center for people with disabilities. There was a small group of children with their families, who sat in a circle very close to Midori and the quartet members. A few of these children were completely deaf, so we had them sit by Michael and the cello so they could feel the vibrations through the floor. They seemed to really understand how the sound was traveling through the air and the floor. I loved watching them receive translations through sign language.

It was another wonderful day full of smiles and music!



今日の最初の訪問先は、福井のとても素敵な小学校で、子どもたちが僕たちのために、ヴァイオリンや打楽器を演奏してくれました。 福井の子どもたちは(教職員も)英語を上手に話すので、ウェンホン、マイケル、そしてへレミアスも喜んでいました。僕たちは、5、6年生と一緒に学校で給食を食べたのですが、食事の時の「いだたきます」や「ごちそうさま」という言葉を、生徒たちが教えてくれました。


この日の最後は、大阪の障がい者のための芸術文化センター「ビッグ・アイ」で演奏しました。 カルテットメンバーのすぐそばに、家族と輪になって座っている子どもたちのグループがいました。その子どもたちの何人かは全く耳が聞こえなかったので、床を伝って振動を感じ取れるように、マイケルのチェロのそばに座ってもらいました。子どもたちは、音が空気と床を通って伝わることを本当に理解したようで、手話を通して説明を受けている子どもたちを見て嬉しくなりました。



-From Wenhong, Viola

It was a long day today – We had 2 programs at the schools and hospitals in the morning, and had to travel to Osaka do another program then to rehearse for the concert. But everyone felt rewarded at the end since people appreciated our music and effort, and also we got a lot done at the rehearsal. Not only that, we went to a Yakiniku restaurant for dinner and it was stunning – I think I am gaining so much weight in Japan!


今日の午前中は、学校と病院で2つのプログラム、大阪へ移動して更にもう1つのプログラムがあり、その後にコンサートの練習をするという長い一日でした。 しかし、観客の皆さんが私たちの音楽と努力をよく理解してくださったこと、また練習がたくさんできたことなど、最後にはメンバーみな満足していました。それだけでなく、夕食は焼肉店へ行ったのですが美味しくてびっくり。日本でかなり太ってしまうかもしれないです!


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