Tokyo-Day 7 / 東京にて- 7日目

-From Wenhong, Viola

We did our first formal concert today. Everyone was very excited to play and we were satisfied afterwards too! The acoustic of the hall was on the dry side, but the good thing was that both us and the audience could hear all the details of character and sound changes. I am sure after this real experience of performing the whole program in front of the audience, our concerts in Osaka and Tokyo later will be even better!

We had to leave and catch the train immediately after the concert, but the train ride gave us a little surprise. It was around 6pm, and suddenly the scene through our window brought all of the attention. Above the waves of the mountains there was the light of the setting sun, which painted the sky to layers of purple and red, just as pretty as a girl’s rosy cheek. It was not enough time to appreciate it as the train went in to the mountains. By the time it appeared to us again, the sky already changed to another face – only the tail of the brightness left, but it was still a sweet picture since there was more clouds floating on the sky like the marshmallows melting into water. It got completely dark very soon, so people either went back to sleep again, or tried to remember it by writing it down like me.

The sun never stops to rise and set everyday, but this beautiful moment we barely get to enjoy.







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