Hachinohe and Tokyo-Day 5 / 八戸から東京へ-5日目

-from Chad Cannon, ICEP Coordinator

Hey everybody!

I was very happy to be able to go with Music Sharing to Aomori today. I have never been this far north in Japan. The landscape is beautiful, and the weather was cool and rainy. It felt a little bit like Seattle in the United States.

We visited a special needs school and a hospital. I was especially touched by the response of the children at the school! They were so very excited to hear the music. They cheered and clapped, and some of them even danced during the Schnittke and the Tchaikovsky! Every time I see children reacting to music this way, it reminds me that music is and always has been a natural part of our human existence. What a gift it is to be able to share our experiences together through sound and movement.

We made the long Shinkansen journey back to Tokyo, and performed for one of our donor companies. This company is one of the supporters of the Shree Mani Jyoti school in Pokhara that we visited in December. Some of the staff that came to hear our performance in Tokyo had actually been to the school in Pokhara before, so that was a fun connection to make.

Looking forward to one more week of busy activities!

〜チャド キャノン(ICEPコーディネーター)より




新幹線の旅を終え東京へ戻った後、この活動をサポートしてくれている企業の一つで演奏会を行いました。僕たちが去年の12月に訪れたネパールのポカラにある Shree Mani Jyoti School も援助しているそうです。この演奏会に来てくださった社員のみなさまの中には実際にポカラのこの学校を訪れた方もいらして、嬉しい繋がりを感じました。


-from Michael, Cello

Today’s activities brought out to Hachinoe in Aomori prefecture.

We started with a visit to the Daiichi special support school. We played for two different group – the first group consisted of kids dealing with physical disabilities. They were very engaged in our performance and had some great questions and comments. The second group was much larger and consisted children with various developmental and emotional disorders. It can be challenging to play for a group this big as they have to be spread around the room and sometimes there’s noise. But as I normally do in ICEP performances, I was looking around the room to see how the audience is responding. Though many of the children looked confused and disengaged when we initially entered the room, as soon as we started playing you could see many smiles and eyes fully fixed on us. Especially enjoyable was when we played Schnittke’s Polka – we usually point out that this is a fun dance and we encourage our audience to move their bodies with the music if they feel compelled to do so. This time however, many of the children took our invitation seriously and some of them were almost dancing with us! This was followed by one of the most thunderous applauses we’ve ever received on an ICEP concert!

After the school we had a quick visit to the Hachinohe hospital and played for a small room of very appreciative patients. We decided to position the quartet in a way that will surround the patients and help them have a more immersive experience of the music. Despite the fact that it takes them great physical effort to do so, several of the patients smiled and applauded us.

We ended the day back in Tokyo where we gave a semi formal concert at the office of one supporting company, who have been generous to support some of our activities in Nepal last December.







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