Yonezawa-Day 4 / 米沢にて-4日目

-From Wenhong, Viola

We made a day trip to Yonezawa today with 3 visits at the schools and hospital. I was so glad that the students and patients were all cheered up by our music! One of the most memorable part was that the patients played the Midori song for us by using bells holding in their hands or feet – it was definitely my favorite version of the piece because of their sincerity!

Another special thing for me was one of the patient from the hospital called Ono, who was so positive and cool that he almost danced with my playing – I will never forget his smile!


米沢では、学校と病院を合わせて3箇所訪問しましたが、生徒さんたちや患者さんたちが私たちの音楽で元気づけられたと言ってくれたことがとてもうれしかったです!病院では患者さんがハンドベルで(手の動かない方は足を使って)MIDORI Songを演奏してくれたことは忘れられません。誠意のこもったとても素晴らしい演奏でした!


-From Jeremias Sergiani-Velázquez, violin

Hello friends!
Today Thursday we got to sleep in (7:45 am – but still later than usual!), so I woke up very rested and ready to go.

First, we went to a special ed school where played for about 60 kids. They were extremely happy to listen to us and they were very welcoming. A lot of them would start to dance and really get into it as we played!

Secondly, we went to the Yonezawa National Hospital. They were SO excited to have us. From what I hear they are one of Music Sharing’s biggest fans! We played a longer concert there for an amazing audience. When we went to play for them individually, I could see from up close (no matter the degree of their disability) how much they were enjoying it.

After the concert, some of the patients played two songs which were arranged to be played with bells. It was certainly the highlight of my day!! It was so beautiful to see these people be able to enjoy making music together. One of the patients had the bell taped to their foot because of paralysis, and we were told that moving her leg in order to play the bell has been more effective than any physical therapy that she did before. I thought this showed how the power of music can give us meaning and strength even in the hardest of circumstances, and sometimes that strength can simply come from taping a bell to one’s foot! After the concert, in a very nice ceremony, the hospital director gave us certificates.

Following this, we went individually to hospital wards to play for the patients that were there. I saw patients from all ages, different walks of life, and different conditions. What I noticed from all of them, was how thankful and sometimes emotional they would get when hearing us play.

Very few times in my life I was able to see up close and in real time how music can make a real difference. A lot of the people we played for today, have been through such difficult situations that I would never be able to imagine, and seeing them enjoying the music that I love, is one of the most rewarding things I could ever experience as a musician. This was certainly a day I will never forget 🙂





僕たちの演奏の後、患者さんたちがハンドベル用に編曲した2曲を演奏してくれたんだ。まさに僕にとって今日一番のハイライトだった!! 一緒に演奏することを楽しんでいる様子は、とても美しいものだった。患者さんの一人は、身体麻痺のために手ではなく足にハンドベルをテープで止めて演奏していたんだ。ベルの演奏のために足を使うことは、彼女にとってどんなリハビリや治療よりも効果があるそうなんだ。音楽の力は、どんなに辛い状況でも意義と力を与えてくれるんだ。それは足でベルを鳴らすというシンプルなことだってそうなんだ!そんな音楽の力について、あらためて考えさせられた。演奏の後には、とても素敵なセレモニーも開かれて感謝状までもらったんだ。



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