Just Arrived at Tokyo! / 東京に到着!

-From Jeremias Sergiani-Velázquez, violin

Hello everyone! I am really excited about this trip to Japan and to play music again with Midori, Wenhong and Michael!

Michael and I just landed from New York from a 13-hour long flight, where I watched three and a half movies including both Avengers movies back to back. My only time in Japan before this trip was the few days we spent rehearsing before our Nepal journey. I am really looking forward to getting to know the country, the people, and their culture, in addition to sharing music with them.

Tomorrow we will rehearse and work on our very exciting program which includes pieces by Dvorak, Ginastera, and Schubert.

More news to come!






-From Wenhong Luo, viola

This afternoon I arrived Tokyo and got reunited with the wonderful Nami from music sharing and the other two guys (Michael and  Jeremias) at the airport. The trip was very pleasant – finally had time to watch some movies on the plane!
We are going to start our busy schedule by tomorrow morning
– can’t wait to charge myself with a good sleep tonight and be ready for traveling a lot and sharing great music thoughts with everyone!




-From Michael Katz, cello

Hello to all of our blog followers!
My name is Michael Katz, I’m the cellist of the ICEP Quartet. I’m originally from Israel, now living in New York, and this is my fifth ICEP trip, having previously gone to Myanmar and Nepal as well as two visits to Japan.

Overall it’s my seventh time in Japan and I’m always excited to meet new people through music and of course enjoy delicious food!

We are preparing an exciting program this summer of music by Dvorak, Ginastera, and Schubert, and we can’t wait to share it with children and other audiences all over Japan!
Looking forward to updating you with our activities over the next few days.





-From Chad Cannon, ICEP coordinator

Hi Everybody,
I am so excited to be coming to Japan again for two weeks to participate as the Tour Coordinator for ICEP Japan 2017! It is such a privilege to get to play a small role in Music Sharing’s great work of bringing classical music into schools and hospitals all over Japan. I have just finished concerts as an orchestrator with Joe Hisaishi in France, and it will be fun to hear his music again in Japan when ICEP performs his “MIDORI SONG” with children in Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama. It will also be fun to hear the music we performed all over Nepal, performed again in Japan. Music connects us all!




ちょうど、作曲家久石譲氏のフランスでのコンサート編曲の仕事を終えたばかりなので、久石譲作曲の「MIDORI Song」が、大阪と横浜で、子どもたちによって演奏されるのを聴くことができるのは嬉しいことです。また、私たちがネパール各地で演奏した曲を、また日本で聴くことができるということも楽しみです。音楽は私たちみんなを繋いでいます!