Chiba-Day 13 (Last day) / 千葉にて-13日目(最終日)

-From Wenhong, Viola Today was last of the ICEP trip, and from 7am in the morning I already started to feel sad to say goodbye. We visited one last school and a hospital before catching the plane, which was as fulfilled as always - the students were super excited to see us and we all … Continue reading Chiba-Day 13 (Last day) / 千葉にて-13日目(最終日)


Tokyo-Day 11 / 東京にて-11日目

-From Midori, violin Today was a good day despite various inevitable changes we had to make for yesterday in Osaka. In my opinion, all experiences are good. Yesterday, for the first time in the 25 years of Music Sharing's activities in Japan we have had to forego a presentation due to weather. The tropical storm … Continue reading Tokyo-Day 11 / 東京にて-11日目

Osaka-Day 10 / 大阪にて- 10日目

-From Jeremias Sergiani-Velázquez, violin Hello everyone! After last night's concert and a good night sleep we were ready to go to a school in the morning but... rain. Unfortunately, classes were cancelled at the school we were supposed to go so we had the morning off which is very unusual. Since it was raining I … Continue reading Osaka-Day 10 / 大阪にて- 10日目

Osaka-Day 9 / 大阪にて- 9日目

-From Midori, Violin I woke up this morning and headed straight to the Osaka School for Children with Visual Impairment. Today, we had lined up a rehearsal with the students of the Instrumental Program, with whom we have a performance scheduled on Wednesday (tomorrow)! The Instrumental Program at this school started last year. Almost exactly … Continue reading Osaka-Day 9 / 大阪にて- 9日目

Fukui, Osaka-Day 8 / 福井、大阪にて- 8日目

-from Chad Cannon, ICEP Coordinator Today I woke up at around 6am with jet lag and decided to use an hour to go jogging in the beautiful village of Echizen, formerly known as Takefu. There are many streets, temples, and shrines from the Edo Period, and even back to the Muromachi Period. I always love … Continue reading Fukui, Osaka-Day 8 / 福井、大阪にて- 8日目

Tokyo-Day 7 / 東京にて- 7日目

-From Wenhong, Viola We did our first formal concert today. Everyone was very excited to play and we were satisfied afterwards too! The acoustic of the hall was on the dry side, but the good thing was that both us and the audience could hear all the details of character and sound changes. I am … Continue reading Tokyo-Day 7 / 東京にて- 7日目

Kanagawa-Day 6 / 神奈川にて-6日目

-From Michael, Cello Today was one of most enjoyable and memorable days of this year’s ICEP. We started the day at the Special Needs Education School of Yokohama National University, a school I’ve visited last summer with ICEP. We’ve already performed a lobby concert with the students last year and I remember really enjoying working … Continue reading Kanagawa-Day 6 / 神奈川にて-6日目