Activities in Bharatpur / バラトプルでの活動


-From Jeremías

Barahptur was just awesome. In the morning we went to a boat ride through a river on the Chitwan National Park where we saw a few crocodiles, lots of elephants and lots of different kinds of birds. I have never done anything like it before and I loved the quietness of the ride; all we could hear was the sound of the water and the birds (and a few times some of the elephants).
After that, we went to perform at an SOS Children’s Village. The children were really responsive and seemed to enjoy it a lot. When we got closer to them to show them our instruments, they were not shy at all when it came to asking us things as well as trying our instruments. These kids had a lot of energy and seemed really happy. At the end of the performance, the director offered us lunch which was one of the most delicious meals I had while in Nepal.
The next school we went to was a science school. There were very few kids in this one because it was Saturday and they were not at school. After the performance, when we asked if anyone had questions, the teachers seemed to have lots of them.
At the last school we had a really great time. This school seems to work differently than others schools in terms of their curriculum, giving a lot of emphasis on the arts and creativity in general. Not surprisingly, the children were really engaged into the performance, holding their full attention throughout and, above all, enjoying it a lot. Since we arrived early to this school, we had a chance to chat with them for a while. I think that by talking and creating some sort of personal connection with them, the performance was even more effective and they enjoyed it more.
The next thing we did was to get on the van for a few hours and get to Lumbini. The hotel is very nice and wifi works great, so I get to skype with my family in Argentina for Christmas! I’m really happy to be here and I’m looking forward to our performances tomorrow.






-From Chad

It’s Christmas Eve, and we have just spent a glorious 15 hours doing ICEP activities in Bharatpur. At first light we ventured out on a short canoe trip to see some of the world’s most impressive biodiversity inside Chitwan National Park. Here, at the lowest elevation in Nepal, where the mountains suddenly stop and the Indian plain begins, exists one of Nepal’s proudest jungles. Over 600 species of birds can be found hear, alongside over a hundred kinds of mammals, including rhinos, tigers, and leopards. Today we only saw a handful, but to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of Nepal was important for us, since Nepali people take such great pride in their country’s nature.

Our music programs today included three stops – one at SOS Children’s Village – Bharatpur; one at the Gurukul School, which focuses on science and math; and one at Dawn Academy, a school that provides a creativity-based education for kids up to 10th grade. We were thankful that kids chose to come to our programs at the two schools, since it is a Saturday and they are usually on their weekend break.

We really enjoyed the handful of students at Dawn Academy who came early and spent time getting to know us before we actually performed. I always find myself so re-energized whenever we do programs with kids like these – the kids are just so full of motivation and wonder about the world around them. They seemed to really grasp the depth of the music that Midori and the ICEP quartet played today.

After a beautiful sunset drive westward along the Indian border, we are now in Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, and will do some programs here in the morning!

Good night from Lumbini.








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