In Gorkha / ゴルカにて


ECO Nepal (


-From Michael

Early this morning we set off on an adventure from the city of Gorkha to the remote mountain village of Furkedanda. We first met with the local team of DCA (Dan Church Aid) who are doing wonderful work providing clean water, livelihood support, education and more for rural communities affected by the earthquake. We learned that the village we were going to visit was a Chepang community. The Chepang are one of Nepal’s smallest ethnic minority groups and are among the country’s poorest and most disadvantaged people. Agriculture takes a very strong part of their culture and many of the children have to drop out of school in order to help their families.

Reaching Furkedanda was not an easy task! After a 90 minute drive from Gorkha we left our vehicle and crossed the river via a long suspended bridge. We then boarded jeeps that took us up the mountain on very bumpy roads! It took us nearly 40 minutes to get to this secluded community, which made us wonder how difficult it must be for the villagers to get to the nearest town for supplies or work.

We were greeted immediately with sounds of drums and singing, and garlands of flowers were placed around our necks. We gave a performance outside the village school. Many of the houses were destroyed during the earthquake and so was the school. The students currently have classes at a temporary structure constructed with the help of DCA. We played outdoors surrounded by the entire village as well as dogs, goats, and giant spiders! As we’ve found in most places we’ve visited in Nepal, non of the kids or villagers have heard classical music before, which made for a powerful experience for all.

After our performance the villagers presented their own performance of song and dance accompanied by drums. The performance consisted of several different types of dance including a religious trance (that apparently can go for much longer than the one we saw!), a drunken dance of joy, and a special dance presented by the children. After the performance we were served a delicious homemade lunch!

It is hard to comprehend how people who lost so much in the earthquake (and who had very little to begin with) can still show so much joy and generosity. It is comforting to know that there are organizations like DCA who provide villages like Furkedanda with much needed help. It was clear that music and dance take an important part in their lives, and it was very special to share with them the music that we love as well. I sincerely hope that somehow this won’t be the last time they hear classical music and that one day they will be able to look back at this day as an eye opening and life changing experience. I certainly know I will.







-From Wenhong

It was truly an adventure for me today in Gorka! Early in the morning, before we started our visit, the team of DCA (Dan Church Aid) kindly gave us a presentation of the situation now in Gorka, since the horrible damage made by the earthquake few years ago. We learnt that the electricity, drinking water are really a problem for the people here, and most of the children are having a hard time to get rid of the memory of the earthquake, so that they are afraid to go to school or even talking to people. When I heard the presentation, I couldn’t imagine how difficult life is for those children – I just hoped that listening to classical music will help them forget about the pain, even for just a small moment.

After that, we started our journey to see the people in this isolated village. In the way of getting there I experienced the bumpiest road ever – since it’s located in the middle of the mountain there no other way around. But as soon as we reached there and saw all the most friendly faces I forgot about the physical discomfort right away. It looked like a village party – all the villagers gathered and many of them dressed up as they prepared special programs for us! In that program we heard some traditional Nepali music and watched their local dances. One of the ladies who performed was the oldest and the only one in the world now who can sing that type of song! Those songs and dances were very different from what I have seen before, but it touched me immediately because we share the same passions and energy in music.

It was the first time for the villagers to hear classical music, and it was the first time for me to be in the mountains and see people’s life here. Music is so powerful how it connects me and them, and I hope that I have a second chance to hear their beautiful voices and songs again!

今日のゴルカは 本当に冒険の1日でした。早朝私たちが活動を始める前に、DCA(ダン・チャーチ・エイド)のチームの方々が、地震で恐ろしい被害を受けたゴルカの現状を説明してくださいました。ここの人々は電気や飲み水に本当に困っていて、多くの子どもは地震の記憶を消すことができず、学校へ行くことや他の人と話すことさえ恐がっています。この話を聞いた時、私は子どもたちの生活がどんなに大変なのか想像もできませんでした。私は、ほんの短い時間でもクラシック音楽を聴くことで彼らの苦しみが和らぐ事を願いました。




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