A Full Day in Pokhara/ポカラでの充実した一日

-From Jeremías

Our third day started very early. We wanted to see the sunrise by the mountains and we had to leave the hotel at 5:30. The drive to this spot was short but we had to go through a very narrow road up the mountain. Unfortunately, once we got to the top of this mountain the sky was cloudy. But even though we only got to see about one third of the Himalayas, the view was absolutely beautiful. Because of the clouds we also weren’t able to see the sunrise quite clearly, but it was still breathtaking to see more and more mountains the brighter it got and the more details our eyes were able to observe.

After sunrise, we headed to a school for blind children. These children, really paid close attention to the music and to what we said. When we got to the “petting zoo” portion (when we show the kids our instruments and let them try them a little bit), these children would use their sense of touch to get to know the instruments. It was amazing to look at their faces while they actually started to make sounds with the instruments, a mixture of surprise, joy and curiosity.

Next to this school there was another one. We went and played there for about 300-400 children. It was such an engaged audience which made playing for them really fun and inspiring. After playing, it was really nice to talk and get to know some of them a little bit, they were really eager to get to know us!

Lastly, we went to a Tibetan refugee camp. This place has rooms and houses for about 130 Tibetan children of under 11 years old, and we were very warmly welcomed by the director who gave us white Tibetan scarves. After performing, the children performed a dance for us which was really cool!

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving Pokhara to go to Gorkha. Really looking forward to it!








-From Wenhong Luo

Today was our third day in Nepal, I can totally see myself getting use to a lot of things: the “crazy” but skillful driving, the time difference, the Napoli food and tea! I have to say that everything is wonderful and special to me although I have grown up in Beijing and have been to a lot of other Asian counties: I tried buffalo for the first time here, and it was delicious; I love their milk tea – it warms up my body with a hint of Napoli taste; the people here are so nice that they offer help even they barely speak any English!

Not only culturally attractive, the nature here is one of the best scenes I have ever seen in my life. We got up at 5am and went to one of the popular point on the mountains to catch the sunrise this morning. Although it was partly cloudy and the tourists were slightly loud, but nothing can be more worthy when you see the the glow of the sun rises up and lights up the clouds, mountains and the world. I always think that I am more a ‘sea person’ rather than ”mountain person’, but when you are so close to the
Himalayas you can’t find any words to describe the beauty of it, you can’t use other ways to picture it rather than just breathe, feel and remember it.

However the sunrise and food were not the best parts of our day, the trips to the schools were so exciting that I felt like being a ‘rock star’. First, we went to a blind class in division of a public school. That was my first time being so close to blind children, and the first time I felt how sensitive they are because of the blindness. I could see them listening so carefully and would smile when they felt the music. In the “petting zoo” section, they were so eager to try to play and touch our instruments, that
makes me want to stay there and teach them forever. I know it’s cheesy to say, but the positive energy I got from the kids reminded me one of Helen Keller’s famous quote, “keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” After that we played for the whole school in front of their building with more than 400 students attended – that’s when I felt we were treated like a ‘star’. The kids loved our performance, they would clap and shot after we play and the interaction was as great as a pop concert!

To wrap it up, today is the first day of winter, in Chinese tradition, we should eat dumplings which can bring us luck that in the winter our ears won’t fall off because of the coldness. I wasn’t worried at all that I couldn’t follow the tradition on this special day, because everyone loves the dish ‘mo mo’ – Napoli dumplings, and we have been eating it non-stop for 2 meals in a day!! Now i am certain that my ears will stay where it should be during the winter!

ネパールに来て3日目ですが、私はたくさんのことに慣れてきた自分に気づきました。例えば「クレイジー」でありながらとても上手な運転、時差、ネパールの食べ物、そしてお茶! 北京で育ち、他の色々なアジア諸国へ行ったことがありますが、ネパールは全てが素晴らしくて特別です。水牛も初めて食べてみましたがとても美味しくほかにも身体を温めてくれるネパール風味のミルティーも大好きです。そして地元の人々はあまり英語が話せなくても助けようとしてくれるとても優しい人達です。文化的な魅力だけでなく、ここの自然は、今まで見た中で最も素晴らしい風景の1つです。日の出を見るために、5時に起きて、山の人気の場所へ向かいました。部分的に曇っていて、観光客がやや騒がしかったものの、太陽が昇り、雲や山そして世界を照らすその鮮やかな輝きは、何物にも代えられない素晴らしいものでした。いつも私は自分が「山好き」でなく「海好き」だと思っていました。しかしヒマラヤ山脈の近くまで来ると、この美しさを形容するいかなる言葉も見つからず、ただ息をして、感じて、そして思い出すしかありません。




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