Day 2 – To Pokhara! / 活動日2日目-ポカラへ!

-From Michael

Our second full day in Nepal started very early as we had to take an early morning flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal. Despite the short duration of the flight (25 minutes) we enjoyed a spectacular view of the Himalayas. It’s hard to comprehend how colossal these mountains are as their snowy peaks tower way above the clouds.

After arriving in Pokhara we enjoyed a short walk by the lake followed by local delicacies including banana lassi (a yogurt based drink) and momo (Tibetan dumplings).
Although we only had one performance today, it was a very special one. We drove to a mountain village to visit the local elementary school. The kids were all excited for our visit as they’ve never heard classical music before or seen any of our instruments! As we started to play Mozart for them, they were so bewildered by what they heard that many of them started to laugh. Despite the wonderfully unexpected response their eyes were fixed on us the whole time and it was evident that they were both fascinated and moved by the music. The highlight was of course our customary “petting zoo” – when we encourage the kids to try and play our instruments. Even though initially they were shy, soon enough the whole classroom wanted to take their turn! It is always a meaningful experience to meet a certain audience for the first time, but knowing I was able to share classical music with these kids for the first time in their lives is something I will never forget!
We capped off the day by climbing to the top of the World Peace Pagoda, a holy monument built by Japanese Buddhist monks on the top of a mountain. From there we had a clear view of the entire valley and lake, as well as the Annapurna mountain range as we watched the sunset.
We will start tomorrow where we left off – watching the sunrise!






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