Impressions of the First Day / ネパールでの活動一日目(1)


-From Jeremías

Our first day in Nepal was really busy but also extremely rewarding.

We left in the morning to get to our first stop which was a children’s hospital. As soon as we started playing, a child of about 7 years old started to dance and conduct us. Later on, we got the chance to approach the children with our instruments and show them from up close how they work. This was one of my favorite parts. When I told them to place a finger in the finger board of the violin, they realized that they were making a note and they would get immediately super excited, as they experienced something completely new to them. Many of these kids have seen and experienced a lot, so seeing them smile is priceless for me. After playing, the hospital staff offered us some delicious milk tea before going to our second stop: Siddhi hospital.

At the Siddhi hospital, we played for children and regular patients first, and then we went on to play for people at the nursing home. Once we started playing at the yard, more and more people started to come. They seemed to enjoy it a lot and we even got requests of pieces that they wanted us to play for them! After we finished we were offered tea again. At this point I started to realize how important tea is in Nepal.

Lastly, we played at the UN.  Even though this was a more “formal” concert, the audience seemed very engaged and receptive; it consisted of people from the UN, as well as some students from different schools around the area. After we played, there was tea again ready for everyone who attended the concert.

This first day in Nepal was an extremely rewarding experience. I got to see from up close the power of music to touch people’s hearts and hopefully improving their lives.

Looking forward to Pokhara tomorrow!! As well as having some more great Nepali tea.








-From Wenhong

Last night we arrived in Nepal, after a long long wait at the custom getting my visa done, finally the whole ICEP group gathered at the airport!! And soon after that, I experienced the most crazy car-ride, I was very impressed by the Nepali drivers, they seem like very skilled because everyone is safe and happy although there is no sort of rules driving in Nepal (although I come from China, a country where you can have similar experiences in terms of transportation, but I was still shocked).

The visits at the two different hospitals and a concert at UN were our main activities for today. I have to say those trips were so memorable and meaningful that I felt my job to share music with people is such such a important and beautiful thing to do. Most of the kids at the hospitals experienced live classical music for the first time, and you can see from their eyes that their mood changed during the performance – eyes that are so pure but with full of passion! When we interact with them, some of them held my bow and we play a song (twinkle twinkle little star) together, the joy and happiness they had at the end moved me so much.

After a long day of performing and exploring Nepal, I have an essay to finish for my school exam – so more work to do now:( Tomorrow morning we will have a early flight, hope that my dark circles won’t show that obviously!

Good night Kathmandu!








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