Leaving for Nepal / ネパールへ出発

-From Wenhong Luo

Time flies – it’s our last day to spend in Tokyo! It was such a fun time to work on the beautiful music with my colleagues including our great inspiration Midori – I have learnt so much already from playing and exchanging ideas with everyone, and I think we are ready to depart and share the music with the people in Nepal after this intense 3-day of rehearsal.

On the other hand, life couldn’t be any better in Tokyo – our cellist Michael has played a huge role to conduct our life in Japan in terms of eating and speaking, since he has been here more than 3 times!! And he is such a thoughtful and considerate person that everyone is happy and satisfied in the end by his decisions on where we go eat – so thank you Michael!

p.s, Jeremias learnt how to say ‘thank you’ in Japanese and as a practical person, he thinks he needs a lot of practice – now he catches any opportunities to say this word!!

Anyways, can’t wait to see the amazing sceneries and people in Nepal – Ciao, Tokyo!


時の経つのは早いですね!東京で過ごす最後の日になりました。 素晴らしいインスピレーションのあるみどりや他のメンバーと美しい音楽を作りあげることは、とても楽しいことでした。みんなとアイディアを交換して演奏することでたくさんのことを学びました。この3日間の集中リハーサルを終えて、ネパールで現地の人々と音楽を通じてコミュニケーションする準備が出来たように感じています。
また、東京の滞在は最高でした。チェロ奏者のマイケルは、3回以上来日しているので食事に行く時や会話の際にとても頼りになりました。彼は親切で思いやりのある人なので、どこで食べるかの彼の決定に、みんな大満 足でした。マイケル、ありがとう!
ヘレミアスは” thank you”を日本語でどう言うかを学びました。実践的な彼はたくさん練習が必要と考えて、今、この言葉を使いたがっています!





-From  Michael Katz

Today was our final day in Tokyo before heading to Kathmandu. We spent most of the day rehearsing and preparing for the encounters we will have in Nepal. We were also fortunate to have a little time to visit the beautiful gardens behind Zojoji Temple in between rehearsals. There is a lot of excitement leading up to our departure. Being the only member of the quartet to visit Nepal for the second time, I’m really looking forward to seeing again some of the places I remember so fondly from my previous visit as well as meeting people through the experience of music. Nepal is one of the most unique places I have ever visited and I’m certain it will be a special experience for all of us!



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