Arriving in Kathmandu / カトマンズに到着

- From Chad Cannon Hello everybody, this is Chad Cannon, the ICEP 2016 Nepal Tour Coordinator! I am thrilled to be participating in yet another ICEP tour, this time in beautiful Nepal. I had the privilege of coming here in November to prepare for Midori's visit, and am so excited for performances to start tomorrow! Today … Continue reading Arriving in Kathmandu / カトマンズに到着


Leaving for Nepal / ネパールへ出発

-From Wenhong Luo Time flies - it's our last day to spend in Tokyo! It was such a fun time to work on the beautiful music with my colleagues including our great inspiration Midori - I have learnt so much already from playing and exchanging ideas with everyone, and I think we are ready to … Continue reading Leaving for Nepal / ネパールへ出発