Still in Jet Lag / まだ時差ぼけです

– From Midori

Second and third days in a new time zone are never easy…I wake up feeling great but way too early, and in the middle of the late afternoon get tortured with a crazed craving for something sweet and caffeine-substitute. Since I can’t eat most of the sweets I find on the road nor drink coffee, I replace my desires with cat naps in between rehearsals.

Besides the rehearsals, we are all busy making sure that we haven’t forgotten anything. I did most of my shopping in LA before I left, but I realized today that I forgot to bring a mask, so I will be stopping at a drug store near the Zo-jyoji Temple where we are rehearsing. Ginastera, Schubert, Dvorak…our heads and days are filled with great music. In-between rehearsals, we sometimes also hear chanting of the monks who are currently in training. They are practicing and so are we!

Strolling around the temple is very beautiful. It is an incredible juxtaposition of everything! A prestigious Temple standing majestically, where within the grounds is the sense of calm and serenity, and right next to it is the bright red Tokyo Tower. On the streets are lots of tourists, speaking their mother tongue, all carrying mobile phones (and probably using navigation!), and the shops and restaurants are almost always with a healthy number of customers inside. We’ve seen a Spanish Tapas, an Italian cafe, a few traditional Japanese Izakayas (Pubs), Noodle Bars, Espresso Bars (many to choose from), Chinese restaurants, an Indian restaurant, a French Bakery and Pastry shop, a Korean barbecue, etc. etc. all on a single street. And in-between all these eating establishments, I am going to find at least a few drug stores to walk into, to find my perfect mask! And with so much going on, one still notices that the streets are extremely clean.

The three younger musicians seem to be enjoying each other’s company. With Michael as the Head Guide, they go to eat their meals at places where the past ICEP performers have also dined. Michael has been with the ICEP tours multiple times and is a great representative of the music field as well as for Music Sharing.

Today is our last day in Tokyo. By tomorrow evening, we will be in Nepal!


普段でも旅先の時差ボケは2日目と3日目に特に現れるのですが、今回もしかり。早朝に気持ちよく目覚めるのはよいのですが、夕方になると眠気を催し、無性にカフェイン系の飲み物や甘いものが欲しくなります。ただこの辺りで手に入るお 菓子は私の好みではなく、コーヒーは体質的に飲めないので、リハーサルの合間に仮眠を取っています。


権威あるお寺の堂々とした佇まい、境内の静けさ、右横には赤い東京タワー。全てが信じられないほど調和していて、お寺の周辺の散策は時を忘れます。通りに はそれぞれの国の言葉を話すたくさんの旅行者が携帯電話を持ちながら歩いてい たり(きっとナビゲーションを使っているのでしょう!)、お店やレストランは、いつもたくさんのお客さんが入っていて、1本の通りに、スペイン料理店、イタリアンカフェ、居酒屋(パブ)、ラーメン屋、コーヒーショップ、中華料理店、インドレストラン、パン屋、韓国焼肉屋、などなど、様々な飲食店があります。同じ通りにドラッグストアが何軒かあるので、そのうちのどれかで理想的なマスクは見つかるでしょう。飲食店やらドラッグストアやらごちゃごちゃしているようですが、道にはゴミも落ちておらず、とてもきれいなのは日本だなぁと思います。



-From Jeremias Sergiani-Velázquez.

After yesterday’s 14-hour flight from New York, I got a very good night’s sleep so, even though I’m still jet lag, I felt very fresh today. The day started off really well. In the morning, I went to the temple to warm up before rehearsal, but before the rehearsal even started, my medical knowledge was put to a test. Michael and I had to perform a “surgery” on Wenhong’s viola after her Dampit (the humidifier) somehow got INSIDE the actual instrument and couldn’t get it out. After a thorough diagnosis, we decided on how to proceed to remove said object from the viola in the least invasive way. After trying numerous tools, Michael managed to successfully remove the humidifier from the viola just in time for the start of the rehearsal.

We did some very good work today. Rehearsals felt like being inside a cloud, but not because of the music. Since the room was so dry, we had three humidifiers working between our chairs which created a sort of fog around us. I thought this was really cool.

 Nepal is coming up soon and I’m really looking forward to it!!







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